Company History

     Being founded in 1954,Yeni Turan started production with boiled  linseed oils and double boiled linseed oil. By the time raw oil production facilities got into action, the integration within the factory had been completed.

     The management changed over in 1975. Yeni Turan started increasing its production capacity during these years and not only reached a production level of 4000 tons annually, but also concurrently managed to add synthetic boiled linseed oil to its product scale. Along the way, Yeni Turan came out to be the ultimate pioneer of the boiled linseed oil sector in Turkey and never quit improvement within the institution.

     Yeni Turan established its factory in Hadimkoy, on an outdoors area of 16000m˛, and indoors area of 4000 m˛.It then revised its facilities thoroughly ,started wall paint production and reached a capacity of 10000 tons of boiled linseed oil and 10000tons of wall paint production annually. Yeni Turan now has full coverage of Turkey, moreover it exports its products to countries like Russia and Israel. Since its foundation Yeni Turan’s major priority has always been “quality”.