yeni turan lx sentetik boyaYT HIGH GLOSS SYNTHETIC PAINT



Alkyd based paint which is recomended for the decoration and protection of interior and exterior surfaces such as wood matel and plaster.



It has high glossy, elasticty and opacity, it dries very quickly.



For the brush, thin with Yeni Turan synthetic mineral oil or thinner 50-100 ml/lt, for the spray 150-200 ml/lt. The surfaces must be free from dirt, oil and grease. Metal surfaces should be coated  with Yeni Turan Anticorresive primer for two coat. Wood surfaces should be coated with initially with Yeni Turan Woodstain and then two coat Yeni Turan synthetic primer.


Drying time:

Dust free dry        : 2-3 hours

Touch free dry     : 4-6 hours

Hard dry              : 18 hours

Flash Point           : 40˚C



With 1 lt  15-26 m per coat at 255.micron dry film.



Prevent from freezing.

Use the product over +5 C˚



Packaging:     0.250 LT 0.375 LT 0.700 LT
2.500 LT 3.750 LT 15.000 LT