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Yeni Turan TURMAT is an alkyd based mat decorative topcoat. It dries quickly, has excellent covarage propherty and adhesion. It is used for interior of woodwork, walls celings store windows.



Surfaces must be free from grease, oil, and dirt. The cracks must be sealed with putty and sanded.



Thin with Yeni Turan Mineral Oil  5% for the brush, 15% for the roller, 10% for the spraygun.



Drying Time:

Dust free dry           :15 minutes

Touch dry               :2 hours

Hard dry                 :18 hours



1lt covers 17 m², 1kg covers 12 m² for as a single dry film of 25±5 microns acording to surfaces.


Flaming Point:    40˚C


Risk Phases:

R10 (Flammable.)

R20/22 (Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed.)


Safety Phrases:

S2 (Keep out of reach of children.)

S3/7/9 (Keep container tightly closed in a cool, well ventilated place.)

S24/25 (Avoid contact with skin and eyes.) Usable pot life is at least 1 year in room temperature in sealed box. Ensure this pack is stored up right position and secure during transportation.


Packaging: 0.700 LT 3.750 LT 15.000 LT