Trten yarýmat sentetik boyaTURTEN SEMI GLOSS SYNTHETIC PAINT



Alkyd based paint with semi-gloss property it can be cleaned and wiped of easyly without any damage. it is recomended for decoration of interior surfaces such as walls ceilings and wooden surfaces. Provides a smooth, soft surface feel.



For the brush thin with Yeni Turan synthetic mineral oil 5% and for the roller 15%.


Application for walls:

First the surfaces should be leveled with fillers. Then the leveled surfaces should be sealed withone coat of Yeni Turan Akrobinder. After 24 hours Yeni Turan synthetic primer should be applied as a single coat. Next day after wall sanded, thinned paint can be applied two coats.


Aplication for the metals:

First the surface should be primed with Yeni Turan Antipas. After the aplication of Yeni Turan Synthetic Primer, Yeni Turan Turten should be applied as a topcoat. Prepainted surfaces such as with emultions or synthetic paints should first  be treated with Yeni Turan Akrobinder.



1 lt cover at least 15 m˛, 1 kg covers 11 m˛ as a single dry film of 25±5.


Drying time:

Dust free dry   : 1-2 hours

Touch dry       : 3-4 hours

Hard dry         : 18 hours


Flash point:    40˚C



3.750 LT 7.500 LT 15.000 LT